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your story matters

 You are the hero in the story called your life. As  your coach, I will be your guide. You cannot rewrite the chapters that already happened in your life, but there are blank pages in front of you. How would you like your story to continue? I will support you to make this next chapter count!

Chapters in Life

I have no passion for my job. What should I do?

Life is beautiful, isn't it? But sometimes we don't know, where we should go, what we should do and who we want to be. A coach will challenge you to think, to be honest with yourself and to figure out your next move. 


Coaching because you have only one chance to write each chapter in your life. 

And I am here for you! How?

Personal Development Made Easy

7 week program

You are excited about your personal and professional development, but you don't know where to start:

then this program is for you.

week 1:      Assessment of Your Life

week 2:      Clarifying Your Values

week 3:      Your Career

week 4:      Fears and Insecurities

week 5:      Your Relationships

week 6:      Your Digital Well-being

week 7:      No Regrets

On a Video Call

1:1 Pure Coaching Sessions

It's you and me. Talking. Getting to the root of your struggle and working it through.

No excuses. No hiding. Highly effective.

Volcano Hiker

Everybody needs a coach...

every famous athlete, every famous performer, has somebody who is a coach. Somebody who can watch what they are doing and say, `is that what you really meant?`...somebody who can give them perspective.

- Eric Schmidt, former Google CEO - 



Click the link to read more about life coaching.

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