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the best project you`ll ever work on is you!

Life Coaching with a Focus on Expatriates

Coaching because...

Pretty Ginger Girl

living in a foreign country changes everything

going home is the hardest part

Why Coaching

Do You...​

  • enjoy your expat life to the fullest and never struggle with living abroad?

  • never feel guilty of leaving loved ones back home or raising your children in another culture?

  • know your meaningful purpose abroad?

  • want to stay the same personally and professionally?

If you answered one or more questions with NO, then coaching is for you!

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Benefits of Coaching

Coaching  is about your personal and professional growth.
It is about being willing to allow your coach to ask you the tough questions in life, gain new awareness and follow through with your set action steps. Your coach will hold you accountable.

You will have a deep and honest conversation and if you go all in, change your life. 
I dare you to try it!

Learn  here  about the neuroscience behind coaching and why it is so effective.