Coaching because...

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Moving Boxes

living as an expat changes everything

your story matters

going home is the hardest part

Why Coaching

Do You...​

  • feel unhappy?

  • struggle with issues that happened in the past?

  • know what changes you should be making but hide behind excuses, because the life you know may not be great but at least the pain is familiar?

  • feel stuck?

  • want change?

If you answered one or more questions with YES, then COACHING is for YOU!


Benefits of Coaching

Coaching  is about self-improvement.
It is about being willing to look in the mirror and to be brave enough to set new intentions and follow through with them. The key is that you will think out loud. It is in that process of verbalizing your thoughts and having someone at your side who holds you accountable that makes change possible.
I dare you to try it!




- Galileo Galilei -

Meet Your Coach

Anne - ACC

Coaching because the best project you'll ever work on is you!


Anne is a professional ACC coach accredited by the ICF (International Coach Federation). 
She graduated from the ´Art and Science of Coaching` and holds a solution-focused coach diploma by Erickson International.
She also has a Master degree in Mathematics and English. As an expat from Germany she has lived on three continents and is currently staying in the USA. It is her mission to support you on your own personal development. After all, what could be more important?



What would you like to get out of a coaching session? Just take the first step!

Working with Anne really helped me clarify that I`m in control making my own choices for my future and my happiness. She helped me see things clearly by asking me direct questions that got right to the heart of my issue at hand. If I ever felt stuck, she seemed to always be able to help me start thinking again. She didn't offer advice, but helped me to think deeply and find the answers inside of myself.

I feel freer, knowing I`m capable of carving out time to work on what I want for my future, and taking steps to get there. She is very encouraging and positive in her approach. 

Emily Lahdenranta

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This wonderful event is over, but the good news is that you can still sign on and listen to all the topics, including my presentation on Expat Coaching, online and whenever it fits your schedule and the best part is: one of the four conference days is FREE!