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Vitamin C and Coaching

If you were in advertising and you could decide to run an ad for Vitamin C or one for Aspirin, which product do you think is easier to sell? It's obvious, right: Aspirin. People who need an aspirin are usually in a lot of pain. They need a painkiller right now. They will drive to the pharmacy in the middle of the night no matter what. There is an urgency behind the need to take an aspirin and there is an almost instant relief once someone has taken an aspirin. Easy to sell.

But have you ever met someone who was so desperate to take Vitamin C in the middle of the night? Have you ever heard someone on a plane asking the stewardess for Vitamin C? Have you ever brought Vitamin C to work just in case?

Probably not, because you take Vitamin C in order to make your body more resilient and to booster your immune system in the future. If you take Vitamin C today or not, you won't feel any different on that exact day. It is an investment in your future with no immediate result. Not so easy to sell.

You may wonder why we are talking about Vitamin C, since Coaching-because is all about coaching.

Well, when it comes to your mental health Coaching is your Vitamin C.

In a coaching session we will talk about the issues in your life, before they get out of control. We will talk about your job satisfaction, before you have a burnout. We will talk about your relationships, before everything is too overwhelming. We will talk about your goals for your health, before you really need to see a doctor. We will talk about your goals and how you can achieve them, before there is no time left.

So often it is the little things that can change so much. In a coaching session you may want to commit to always say good night to your children - building a strong relationship. You may commit to do ten minutes of sport everyday - investing in your health. You may commit to reach out to someone - healing a broken friendship. Whatever it is, in the long run it will make all the difference.

Yes, you don't have to have a coach and in the moment you say I need a coach, it is probably too late for coaching and you need to see a medical doctor, psychiatrist or therapist who may have to prescribe pharmaceudicals to help you.

But till then a professional coach is here to support you.

COACHING because now is the time to make an investment in your future.



- Desiderius Erasmus -


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