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What Do You Want?

I assume we all want to look back on 2024 and be proud about the steps we took in this new year and where it has brought us. In order to get there, we will focus on just one question today: What do you want?

If we were to have a conversation right now and I would ask you this question, what would you respond? Now some of you have really thought about this and they are capably of giving a deep answer, because they know where they want to go this year or 10 years from now. They have a vision. Others might answer with some typical ideas like health, professional and personal success, more free time with friends and family and more financial stability. But let's get a little deeper than that. What is it that you truly want?

In an interview with Trevor Noah, Oprah was asked what was the one common characteristic that she found in successful people that led them to go where they want to go. And she answered that successful people go where they want to go, because they know where they want to go. They can answer the question: What do you want. So how about you?

First of all it is far from easy to know what we truly want. We need to develop a vision for where we want to go in life and who we want to become on that journey. We need to be really clear on our values and the things in our life that are non-negotiable.

As we get older, some of those values might shift and even your vision for your life might shift slightly, which is why it is so crucial to take the time and ponder this question once in a while with a fresh and courageous look. Once you do that you will realize that decision making will become easier, because whatever situation comes your way, you can always ask: What is in line with my vision? How will my answer to this problem impact my vision? Will it move me forward, slow me down or is it even against my values and what I stand for.

This is obviously a huge advantage and there is another one: We live in a society where the people around us will speak into our lives. This can be really supportive and encouraging, but they also have the power to influence us into doing things that we really don´t want to do. But if you are clear on what you want hardly anything will throw you off.

So I want to encourage all of us to take some time and to ponder the question:

What do I want in life, in my relationships, in my career, in 2024, in 5 years from now.

Having someone by your side who is guiding you through this, who is digging deeper, is extremely valuable, because saying things out loud will have a huge impact and you will realize that the answers are not so obvious as you thought they might be.

COACHING because knowing what you want is the first step in going where you want to go.



Dale Carnegie


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